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Case Study 19 – Video to Launch New Product to Long Island, the New York City Metro Area and Beyond

The Challenge

Video Production for Long Island and the New York Metro Area

The challenge is to create an entertaining demo video for the launch of a new product to viewers on Long Island, the New York metro area and beyond.

The video has to reflect the brand’s campaign look, along with its feel and tone. Moreover, the deadline is right around the corner – a difficult task, particularly under pressure.

The Solution
Since time was short, our creative team had to work fast. We garnered a sense of the functions and features that came with the product by interviewing the client’s staff. Our team implemented these findings in order to create a 3-minute marketing video to showcase the potential of the product to its best potential audience, including both end users and distributors. We also integrated a fast-paced soundtrack to set the tone of pulsing immediacy. The video was produced with an aesthetic of image, sound, tone and type, that reflected the values of its intended audience.

The Result
The client loved the piece and the public’s interest was piqued and grown as part of a successful marketing campaign.

Learn more about video production services from eFace Media, located in Long Beach, NY, serving Nassau County, Suffolk County and the New York metropolitan area. Click to visit eFace Media or call 516-432-1559.


September 15, 2014 at 9:20 pm

Marketing Professionals and Your BPC

Consider the value of a seasoned professional, who is motivated to help your business maintain and grow its market share and its connection to your BPC (Best Potential Customer).

We come across experienced executives who do not have trusted, vetted marketing professionals, let alone a team of them, and, as a result, their businesses suffer.

Your pros should not only understand your business, they should also have a deep and intuitive grasp of both traditional and “new” (i.e., Internet) marketing, and be able to talk to you about how and why each would benefit (or not benefit) your business and your BPC. They should not look for the quick sale, but be there steadily, offering insight, understanding, and be willing to listen more than talk.

Do you have a marketing team you can trust?

David E. Feldman co-founded eFace Media as Eface Graphics LLC in 1989.
Contact him at or call 516 432 1559.

August 27, 2012 at 1:16 pm

Making Your Mark With Branding

 In 1 word: what does your business do?

Ok. In 2 words.

How, if at all, is that idea conveyed in imagery?

Or with a tag line or slogan?

And why is all this so important, anyway?

Here’s why: we want your business to be memorable.

We want your best potential customer, client, or patient to remember what you do easily, and for a long time – or long enough to hire you.

Good branding ties all you do together in a neat little package, often with an image or tag line.

Sound easy? It’s not. It takes creativity and, often, testing, via focus groups or marketing research.

So how well does your brand sum up your business?

If you think your brand could use an upgrade, email us or call 516 432 1559.

July 2, 2012 at 7:02 pm 2 comments



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