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3 Steps To Using The News For SEO and Brand Positioning

Content Marketing Ju Jitsu

Step 1: Find high ranking keywords or phrases for the niche of the industry where you want to stand out. Specific niches are better than general industries because it is easier to stand out. If, for instance, you are a manufacturer of sporting equipment, you might find standing out as a manufacturer of hockey gloves, for instance, to be less challenging both SEO-wise and in terms of branding, than standing out as a manufacturer of sporting equipment.

How do you find the right keywords or phrases: the Google Keyword Planner at the top right of your Adwords Account is a great way to find keywords that rank high in Google. You can simply click the first option: “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category, plug in the words you think would rank high for your niche in your industry, add your location, and Google will do the rest.

What’s great is that Google will tell you the monthly searches for your keywords or phrases, and then offer you other keywords options in a variety of related categories. Google will give you both Ad Group ideas (i.e., categories) and Keyword Ideas.

In Part 2: How do you put these keywords or phrases to work for your SEO and to position yourself as an expert?

TIP: use Geography as part of your search term: Sporting Apparel may not be quite as easy to rank as Sporting Apparel on Long Island!

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May 14, 2017 at 3:47 pm

Slowly But Surely: Industrial Companies Are Going Social

The overall consensus is that the use of social media by the industrial sector is experiencing a very slow adoption rate.  Industrial professionals such as engineers, technical managers, purchasing agents and research/development personnel, tend to sit on the sidelines and observe the conversations rather than taking part in them.  Having a work related conversation via social media is easy, but to the engineer with 20 projects going on at the same time along with several “hot” production deadlines, posting a Twitter comment or a Facebook status just doesn’t fit into an average day.

However, social media usage is likely to grow among industrial professionals. Those starting a Facebook account grew from 59% in 2011, almost a forty percent year over year increase.  Statistically this appears to be the hottest social media trend, however more than two-thirds of these professionals indicate that less than 20% of this content is work related.  Long term indicators are that the increased use of Facebook has the potential of becoming a viable marketing tool.

According to a recent study done by GlobalSpec, participation in social media by industrial companies is as follows:

•    40% provide an online discussion community for customers
•    33% provide one internally for employees
•    26% use video
•    24% now have a company blog
•    9% are using Twitter

The world is becoming smaller as conversations become more and more international via the use of the social media. As this happens, companies have the opportunity not to just produce and sell a product, but to become a part of the conversation. For long-term stability and maximum growth, it is not only imperative for industrial companies to jump on the social media band wagon but they also need to get behind the wheel and start driving.

May 18, 2011 at 10:40 pm



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