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Video Production Serving Nassau County, Long Island

Video Production in Nassau County, Long IslandeFace Media
Video Production
Located in Long Beach, NY

Unlike web design, SEO or even social media services, which can be offered by non-local providers (non-local in this case meaning not in Nassau County, Long Island or the New York metro area, let alone Long Beach, NY, where we are located), video production is more of a hands-on service, produced by a vendor who really ought to be local.

So our approach to video production services, whether for web videos, how-to videos, or corporate video, is to not only meet with the company, but to get to know the company’s culture. We ask a lot of questions, meet with key personnel, discuss objectives and get a sense of the personalities of key individuals. We also ask what types of videos resonate. What is their tone? Is humor important? Can we see examples?

Price is driven by variables including:
What kind of deliverables does the company want?
How long is the finished video expected to be?
What will it be used for? As a commercial on the web? As a selling tool? As a how-to video? A sizzle piece?
How many days will the shoot require, and how many people? What kind of lighting? Sound (lapel mics, shotgun mics, boom, etc?
How many camera shoot?

Because we are located in Long Beach, which is near Oceanside, Rockville Centre, and the 5 Towns in Nassau County, we service primarily those areas of Long Island.

We also serve industrial companies throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County, with a focus in the industrial parks in Hauppauge, Farmingdale, Plainview, Ronkonkoma and Islandia. Industrial companies have a unique niche in that they need professional quality materials because their business model is typically B to B, but have often found ad agencies beyond their reach, price wise.

eFace Media specializes in offering competitive pricing along with the highest quality products and services.

eFace media is located in Long Beach, Long Island.

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