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Where The Jobs Are

Changing market conditions around the world have caused many companies to find alternative sources for labor and resources. Many jobs have already been sacrificed to the global community. Manufacturing jobs have been sent to China and Vietnam, tech jobs have found a home in India, and call centers have been dominated by India and the Philippines. A competitive marketplace and an increasing smaller global community have led many companies to question if and where lines should be drawn.

While it may be possible to outsource management, the abilities required of a successful management team often cannot be outsourced without significant loss in quality. Real understanding of the unique blend of skills a company requires and the best way to combine those skills with the appropriate personnel, innovative technology and experienced market campaigns cannot simply be dumped in the laps of a company halfway around the world with no long-term ties to the ideas, strategies, tactics or organizational models they hope to manage. Having experienced managers who know how to distribute workloads among foreign and domestic labor pools is critical for smooth company operations.

Modern technology has allowed us to diversify and expand with global conditions. We now can have boots on the ground and fingers on keyboards without being confined to the same physical location. Technology has provided the means to find labor globally, train labor efficiently and ultimately save the bottom line. The ties of understanding must, however, have “legs.”

In today’s global community, there is more to running a business than finding personnel or understanding SEO guidelines. World-class companies need to understand how to draw from the growing resources the world has to offer. Understanding a company’s unique needs and evaluating the market so as to develop and implement successful strategies, tactics and organization is a first step towards empowering a company to operate even more effectively.

Effective marketing campaigns center around management that understands how to use these resources effectively. Management is the key through which global members can coordinate every venue as fast-paced changes in demand occur. Knowing where to turn and how to disseminate crucial information at all levels in a company’s process helps hone the competitive edge that is so critical in today’s economy.

Once the business learns to leverage skilled employees, wherever they may be, in the service of strategic goals, and incorporates them into the business’s tactical operations, the company and its employees will in turn be able to spend more.

Successful businesses can adjust to changing business environments or risk falling behind their competitors. Profitability gained by leveraging world resources can strengthen the national, state, regional and municipal economies by giving the business and its employees the ability to spend locally.

Understanding when and where to outsource can make all the difference.


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