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Emotionally-Resonant Industrial Videos: Yes, your company should have one…

In today’s challenging financial climate, industries have adjusted their marketing strategies and are finding cost-effective ways to attract new customers and enhance the market share of existing ones.

It is no coincidence that social media, a free medium, has grown in the industrial sector. A fairly new medium, social media is an example of new, cost-effective strategies businesses are utilizing to help grow their market share. The use of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, is enhanced by a marketing strategy that includes existing media to best possible effect. A particularly useful medium in an oft-neglected sector is industrial video.

An industrial video is a video that targets “industry” as its primary audience. An industrial video is a film that prioritizes pragmatism over artistic value. While the primary purpose of an educational film is strictly to inform an audience, the purpose of an industrial video is primarily to deliver a message to a customer in a particular industry, with the ultimate goal being a business relationship, or sale.

An industrial video may be:

•    a marketing tool that creatively informs the consumer about the product or service provided
•    a how-to, with instructions on its use
•    for corporate use: e.g.,  a video that shares a CEO’s vision with his employees, or a video that warns employees against improper ethical behavior
•    an attractive part of a web page: viewers would rather watch a short video on a web page than read paragraph after paragraph of content
•    an integral part of a social media strategy

While an industrial video should inform, it should also operate on an emotional level. A creative combination of music, images and on-screen text will come together as greater than the sum of its parts, and can move the viewer to look favorably on the product or service … favorably enough to pick up the phone (or mouse), and make that first connection, or purchase.

The cost of industrial video is not what it once was. Price depends on several factors: length of the video, number of shooting days, number of people in the crew, special effects, and the client’s budget. Ultimately, an effective industrial video should pay for itself.

The emergence of Youtube and other social media makes distribution cost-effective and easier than ever before. YouTube’s keyword “cloud tags” make your industrial video searchable for whatever terms fit your clients’ or customers’ needs. The technology to track who, when, and where people are watching is now available too. Video tracking statistics are a priceless marketing tool if the information is utilized effectively.

An industrial video may be posted on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and/or emailed to potential  or existing clients. If the product was designed for exhibition, it may be shown at a trade show as part of a continuous loop, or handed out on dvd to prospective customers or clients.

Now more than ever, industrial videos are cost-effective, savvy marketing solutions for a wide variety of industries.

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