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How to Make a Great Video to Grow Your Business.

The use of video, TV commercials, paid programming and web video has exploded in the last few years.

Few companies seem to understand which businesses, and there are many, lend themselves to growth via video, and which do not.

As a business video provider for Long Island and the metro New York City area, we have had the opportunity to strategize with clients of all kinds — industrial, medical, education- or organization-related, and corporate — all smart businesspeople seeking growth, better visibility and market penetration for their goods or services.

The guidelines we suggest to each are the same:

Consider who your best target audience(s) might be. Who uses your product or service? Who might benefit the most from what you do? The answer is: probably more than just one type of person or business.

Put yourself in each of their shoes for a few minutes.

What information do they need? What mis-information might they have, that needs correcting?

How can you help them?

If you have been at all successful in your business relationships, someone someplace is benefiting.

You cannot be everywhere. Let your video talk and help them for you, using a little Hollywood magic:

• show how others have been helped (testimonials). The best kind are real people using their own words.
• show how they can be directly helped (how-to videos), and, most importantly:
• show how much better their lives, their health or their work will be as a result of using your product or service

The key word in all of the above is show.

Saying is okay. Showing is much better.

Consider gearing a segment of your video specifically for each type of person/industry who benefits from your product or service. This way, everyone understands his or her need as soon as he or she sees the video.

Or, if cost does not allow, include at least a sentence or two pointing out how everyone you can think of — specifically! — can and will benefit from your product or service.

In Part II: How to Use Your Video To Grow Your Business


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