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What it means to give your best.

Assuming that you are an honest business person, doing your best – giving your best to your profession, your clients, customers or patrons, may seem a given.

It isn’t.

The next time you finish work on a job or segment of a job, ask yourself if you gave 100%. This doesn’t not mean that you need to be panting on the floor, having exhausted all your mortal strength providing your service. It does mean that you have genuinely done all you could have, and all the customer is paying you to do, in the service of what you were hired to do.

Before you say “Sure I did my best,” stop and put yourself in the customer’s position; imagine you received the level of service you have just given. Would you be satisfied; would you recommend someone who had given of him/herself to the level you just did?

Did you, perhaps, give 75% and rationalize that your competitor gives 50%, if that? Do you really know that to be the case, or is that an assumption based on some negative quality you may have internalized because he/she is your competitor?

While you might feel inclined to move quickly to the next client or account so that your business will grow and do well, consider the possibility that you will actually be more successful if you develop a reputation for giving better service. Think of the doctor who gives you all the time you need to talk to you about your problems, concerns and fears. Wouldn’t you be quick to recommend such a doctor?

For better business health, always do your best!


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