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On Dinosaurs

photo courtesy of Flickr

photo courtesy of Flickr

In business, as in nature, if you can’t evolve with the times, you run the risk of becoming extinct. Scientists believe that, as the climate changed, dinosaurs were unable to adapt, so they became extinct and were replaced by life forms better adapted to the climate.

When I started E. Face Graphics in 1989, our main business consisted of typesetting take- out menus and the occasional brochure. Before printing a job it had to  sent to a service bureau to print out a “repro,” or  very high quality proof, then meticulously pasted up on boards to be “shot” for printing.  Now, almost 20 years later, jobs are “FTP’d” for printing (uploading all the digital files onto a server, and then downloading the files for printing). Those service bureaus have gone the way of the dinosaur.

In the years since we started E. Face Graphics, there have been many changes in our industry, which we have embraced and incorporated into our business. In the early 1990s we met with a representative of an “internet” company to discuss this thing called “the internet.” Needless to say, web development and design became a key component of our services. With improved web technology, internet video has become very common. E. Face Graphics now specializes in video production of all types, from web content, school, industrial, and corporate videos to full length feature films.

A few years ago, no one heard of Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or blogging. Now these social media have become ubiquitious. While changes in the business climate are challenging, they are also exciting – they provide an opportunity for discovering new talents and opening new doors. So, for now, we will leave the dinosaurs in the museum!


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